I am a lifelong Catholic. I attended Catholic elementary school, high school, college & graduate school. Not exactly on purpose. I married a Catholic man & we are attempting to raise Catholic children. They attend Catholic school, and we attend Mass weekly as a family. The majority of our extending family is Catholic, & we celebrate traditions (weddings, funerals, sacraments) in the Catholic rite.

We are not saints. We are humans. Catholicism can get tangled in the web of our daily living. And often does. Our stories are here to illuminate the lives of American Catholic families for those who wonder about living that lifestyle.

I have worked in public relations & marketing communications in a variety of fields, including for organizations in the environment, government, association, energy, technology, higher education & emergency management industries. I became a consultant in my field when my children were born, & currently take freelance writing jobs. My husband, a geologist, works for an energy company.

Our girls are in elementary school and enjoy the things many young American girls do.

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